Dear Lynn, I think my dog has developed an inferiority complex. Whenever he has done his potty business, he wants to kick up the dirt all around him. Does this mean he has low self esteem or does he want to take up horticulture? -Kicking Up Dirt, Missouri

Dear Kicking Up Dirt,

While dogs are indeed known for their interest in horticulture, this behavior is known as a territorial marking process. There are two main features - the visual mark left from the scratches on the ground and the scent mark left behind by urine/poop or by pheromones secreted by glands on their feet. Believe it or not, some of the largest to the tiniest of dogs of both genders do this! In fact, wolves, coyotes and even lions do it too. You got lucky, the behavior is uncommon-- only around 10% of the population does this. And this means that you can cancel the trip to the doggy therapist for his inferiority complex.

-Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team

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