Dear Lynn, The sound haunts me. The CLICK CLICK CLICK of my dog’s nails on the tile floor in the kitchen. I can hear her walking down the hallway in the middle of the night- CLICK CLICK CLICK! All the dog grooming places are closed due to the pandemic. Help me to help her walk softly. How do I trim her nails myself? -Click No More, Nebraska

Dear Click No More,

Nail trimming is a touchy thing - no pun intended - with dogs. First priority is your safety. You may need someone to help while you are trying to trim the nails. Preferably, another adult to hold or provide yummy treats during the process! You will need to have a good pair of dog/cat nail clippers on hand. You can ask your veterinarian what brand they use if you get overwhelmed by the choices. You want to cut the tip of the nails, right where they curve down at the end, to avoid cutting into the quick.  Should you accidentally cut the quick, some flour or cornstarch will help stop any bleeding that may occur.. Just put some on your finger and hold against the nail. If your pup thinks they are too cool (aka aggressive) for you to trim their nails for them, take your pup for walks on pavement. Paved surfaces act as a nail file for their toenails! Twenty minutes a few times a week should help to wear down the nails, and you both go for a healthy little walk!  Just remember the most important thing right now, social distance!

-Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team

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