Think of Puppo as a personal nutritionist for your dog. After all, humans have a world of options when it comes to food. You wouldn’t recommend the exact same foods for both your couch potato friend and weekend warrior sister, would you? Dogs, with their diverse breeds, body shapes, sizes, and activity levels, have nutritional needs that are just as diverse as their owners’, and that’s where Puppo comes in.  

We start with the basics – age and size.  Puppies require additional nutrients like DHA for healthy brain development, while many aging pups benefit from increased chondroitin and glucosamine to help keep their bones and joints strong.  We make multiple kibble sizes to match mouth sizes of smaller and larger dogs too – your little chihuahua can barely get her snout around the bigger kibble sizes for your neighbor’s bullmastiff!

From there we dive deep into all the health and lifestyle information you provide us to fine-tune your specific Puppo diet.  We consider weight and activity level to determine the recommended amount of calorie intake, all the while eliminating possible ingredients they might be sensitive to.  Then finally we ask your opinion – what’s your pup’s favorite flavors – to make sure our food is as tasty as it is healthy for your furry bestie!

We create personalized recipes for dogs because we know it ensures they’re getting the right nutrition for a healthy, happy life!

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Find a PUPPO nutrition plan that takes care of your pups body and brain, at all stages of life.

Top reasons for personalization:

Avoid ingredient sensitivities

Dogs can be sensitive to certain foods. Common sensitivities include wheat, corn, soy, grains, dairy, chicken and potatoes. Just like with humans, sensitivities may be hidden in puppyhood and only develop later in life. A reaction might come in the form of ear inflammation, diarrhea, gas, or itchiness in the rear end. Your Veterinarian can help you determine if your dog has a true food sensitivity and which ingredients are involved. Puppo’s kibble takes your dog’s known, or even just suspected, sensitivities into account.

Maintain a healthy weight

Extra pounds can strain your dog’s bones and muscles and lead to a variety of other issues. Puppo recommends meal portions specifically for your dog. Keep an eye on your dog’s weight and if you need to adjust your dog’s food to keep them at a healthy weight, let us know!  And don’t worry, our experts make sure that each meal delivers the right balance of nutrients and the right amount of calories to help your pet maintain a healthy weight.

Finding the Goldilocks kibble size

Puppo figures out the right kibble size for your dog. Smaller dogs get smaller kibble sizes to fit their tiny mouths. Large breed kibbles are also perfect for their mega mouths.  Puppies could also benefit from smaller kibble pieces, but this will change as they grow older. Puppo takes all this into account and changes its recommendations as your dog also changes.

Growing healthier as your puppy grows up

Nutritional needs change from puppyhood to senior pooch. Larger dogs put more stress on their joints, so antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine and chondroitin in the diet help maintain strong cartilage and joints. Small breed dogs grow into adulthood more quickly and live longer than larger dogs, and as a consequence, end up spending more time as seniors. We make sure that growing puppies get an energy-rich diet full of protein and fat, while mature dogs receive a more balanced mix of nutrients.

Help your dog thrive at its activity level

Athletic dogs have different calorie requirements from dogs that prefer to snooze. Energy from  fat are essential for endurance activities, whereas energy from carbohydrates are better for short burst of intense activity. Your dog’s activity level might change over time, and Puppo’s personalized feeding recommendations will evolve over time.

Address special needs

Dull coat? Gassy pet? Puppo gets its kibble mix just right to address your pup’s needs. Our experts will be able to address commonly-occurring needs based on the information you provide, but they also work with you to understand and accommodate your dog’s special needs.

Your dog’s health is completely dependent upon the food that you feed it. Humans can scrounge around for a snack or two when their main meals are unsatisfactory, but your pet is counting  on you for its next meal. Puppo, with its team of experts and personalized kibble mix, is focused on keeping your dog in top shape. Our expertise grows as your dog grows to deliver the best nutrition and energy to your pet. Take the Puppo quiz to build your pup's personalized nutrition plan.

Puppo meets the needs of a variety of pups at different stages