Dear Lynn, I’m sitting there, watching TV, eating my popcorn and I feel like something, or someone, is staring at me. I look over and my dog is just staring at me like something out of a horror film! This happens quite often. Why does she do that?! - Creeped out in Seattle

Dear Creeped Out,

It could be that she wants a bite of that popcorn you're eating, or it could mean she is showing you how much you are adored by her. There are a few reasons as to why our beloved fur babies stare at us - creepily. Is it past time for them to be fed? I swear they know what time it is! How long has it been since she has been out for a potty break? When you gotta go, you gotta go! Has anything changed in routine or your behavior? They are quite intuitive and know when something is bothering you. Maybe she’s asking why you haven’t gone to work since March? Senior dogs can get CCD, which is like Alzheimers in humans but not common. Most of the time though, they just want our attention and to be petted and snuggled! Looking into your pups eyes actually has a calming effect on humans. If you’re stressed, stare back at her!  Maybe she isn’t taking lessons from Michael Myers……..

- Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team

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