Dear Lynn, I love my dog, and my dog loves treats. I am pretty strict and give her treats just when we get back from our walks. The issue is my partner. He sneaks her bites of his dinner under the table! And whatever he is eating when they watch TV. How many treats are dogs supposed to get? -Sneaky Treats, Arizona

Dear Sneaky Treats,

The more people in the house, the more likely your dog is getting a lot of love (and treats) from everyone. Dogs are supposed to get no more than 10% of their calories from treats.

Dogs have target daily calories just like people, and it's important that the people in the house are realistic about what is going into your pup's mouth. You can check the calorie count on the back of your treat bag. If it seems high, you can buy lower calorie "training" treats. And if table scraps are a realistic part of your dog's diet, talk to your partner about what kinds of people food can be. Good luck!

- Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team

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