We are in the process of buying a new home and I'm afraid we're going to scare our dog during this journey. How can we help our pup make the transition to her new home smoothly?

- Movin' in Milwaukee



Some pups will make the transition with no problems, while other pups may experience more anxiety through the process. Whether you're moving across town or cross-country, there are ways to help make the move easier for all of you. The most important thing is to make sure they have proper identification such as a collar with identification tag and a microchip.

If you're moving somewhere close, take your pup for walks in your new neighborhood before moving as it will get them familiar with the new territory. Before you start packing away items, have moving boxes out for a couple of days and put things in them a little at a time. I know my pups get upset and pout when I start packing a simple suitcase – imagine what they would feel if the entire house was being packed up. This will help them understand you aren't leaving them. If your dog is high anxiety, ask your vet about giving your pup a calming medication. 

If you're moving farther away, find a new veterinary hospital before you move and have your pup's records transferred. This way, you'll already have your pet somewhat established and they'll know your pup if something happens on moving day. 

During moving day, consider having your pup go to a friends house that they're familiar with. If that's not an option, keep them in a kennel or a room to themselves so they stay safe while people are carrying things out of the house and into the moving truck. Feed them a lighter meal on moving day to avoid any anxious tummy troubles. 

If you're moving far away, map out your stops for dog-friendly rest areas and places to stay overnight if needed. Some rest areas have off leash fenced areas for your pup to run free and get their zoomies out! 

Set up their area upon arrival so they feel safe and secure in their new surroundings. If you're able to set up your furniture the way it was at your old home (even temporarily), that will help with the adjustment as well. Keep them as close to their routine as you possibly can for a bit. 

Hope your move goes well and you and your pup love the new digs.

- Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team