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How can I help my pup overcome her fear of loud noises like thunder?

Uh-Oh! It’s that time of year again... thunderstorms, loud winds and tornadoes. My dog Raelyn is afraid of super loud noises and booms. What can I do to help ease her fear?

- Concerned in Kansas



Your pup is not alone in their fear of storms! Thunderstorm anxiety is real and a fairly high percentage of dogs suffer from it. A few things you can do help ease them:

  • Play thunderstorm sounds randomly and frequently. This will help desensitize them when real thunderstorms happen.
  • Have a safe space available for them to go. Most dogs that are kennel trained will feel more safe there.
  • There are products, such as the Thundershirt, that have been proven to help some dogs during storms. The Thundershirt hugs their body tight and provides some level of comfort. Pheromones are also available to spray or as a plug-in to add a level of calmness.
  • As a last resort, you can talk to your pups veterinarian and ask about giving medication for anxiety. 

- Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team