Our pup is a tad overweight and we thought it'd be an easy fix. We put him on a weight loss kibble and got him outside more to exercise. Our plan wasn't entirely working, so our vet cut his daily food intake by 20%. That seemed to do the trick... but, then little by little, Freddy started to gain weight again. We finally figured out our toddler was tossing him food from her highchair and sharing her snacks with him. HELP!

- Fed up in Fresno



Young children can be messy – and food doesn't always stay where it should. Pups standing guard around kids in hopes of getting a taste of their food is the oldest trick in the book!

Dogs are opportunists so sitting under the kids chair is one of THE best places to snack. Another sure-fire trick is following the kiddos around waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Those Goldfish Crackers, Cheerios and string cheese snacks can add up quickly! 

If you're trying to get your pup to lose weight, you may have to supervise snack and meal time. If you know your child is eating something that your pup shouldn’t have, watch them closely or you may have to separate them to curb your pup's sneaky ways. If your child is having a nice healthy snack of carrots, blueberries, watermelon etc – let them eat together! Healthy snacks lead to a more healthy lifestyle for the entire family. Your pup should start to lose weight again and be on the road to a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

- Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team