Dear Lynn, HELP! I caught my 2 year old feeding the dog grapes! Of course I went to Dr. Google to check out the possible side effects - UH OH! I had to rush her to the emergency veterinary hospital and oh my at the cost! So what fruits are safe for my pup to eat? - Shocked in Spokane

Dear Shocked, 

YIKES! Yes, there are some fruits that our pups just cannot have. It can cause damage to their internal organs and it can kill them. Some fruits contain cyanide, persin, solanine, and other toxins that can be fatal to their health. Remember pups are natural carnivores and they don’t necessarily need fruits in their diet. But giving fruit as a treat instead of high calorie treats is a great way to help with weight loss too!

Fruits that are a NO:                    Fruits that are a YES:

Avocado                                        Apple

Cherry                                            Blueberries

Tomato                                          Cantaloupe

Grape                                             Cucumber

Raisin                                            Mango


In Moderation:                              Pear

Banana                                         Strawberry

Cranberry                                     Watermelon




I recommend you talk to your veterinarian for specific details or questions on introducing fruit into your pups diet.

- Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team

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