My wife just brought home a puppy she found while out walking on the trails. Why do spouses do this to us!? I know absolutely nothing about dogs... how do I know when to adjust their food... as they get older or only if they need to loose or gain weight? I’m a pet owner now, I guess?

- Frantic in New Mexico



Congratulations, I think?! Honestly, if I see a cute puppy that seems abandoned - I’m going to take it home with me, too.

TIP #1 Have the pup scanned for a microchip. It may have wandered off from the owner while out on a walk.

TIP #2 Check with your local shelter to see if anyone has reported a missing pup.

TIP #3 If no one claims your new bundle of joy, take the pup for a checkup and vaccinations at a veterinary clinic. They can check if the pup is already spayed or neutered or can schedule surgery as soon as the pup is old enough. They'll also advise on flea, tick and heartworm medication - all three are very important.

TIP #4 As far as food, visit, take our short quiz and we'll give you a customized recipe based on your pups age, size, sensitivities and preferences! That means no putting thought into what or how much to feed and no being overwhelmed at all the options in the pet food aisle. Plus, PUPPO automatically ships every month so you'll never have to worry about running out.

As your new pup ages and grows, PUPPO will work with you to adjust feeding amounts, alter their recipe and recommend tips & tricks to help you stick to their wellness goals. Plus, PUPPO offers live chat Monday-Friday with a PUPPO Nutrition Expert to answer questions or concerns in real time. 

I hope this helps and make sure to take time to truly enjoy your little ball of cuteness as a full-fledged member of the family!

- Lynn, PUPPO Nutrition Team

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